About Brooke

I live the agency life by day and that of a pop culture columnist at night. A Ravenclaw if there ever was one, I revel in learning and research and the mastery of new skills. It is this, I think that fuels my passion for culture. I devour films, books, games, television and music at every opportunity — and I write about it all.

Part Liz Lemon, part Hermione Granger, I've often been called an encyclopedia of useless knowledge. And I wouldn't have it any other way. My favorite things include dogs, baking and dropping quotes into everyday conversations. I've never been very graceful, but I know that if I was an Olympic gymnast I would choreograph my floor routine to sync up with Ike and Tina's Proud Mary. Having my life narrated by Morgan Freeman and living at Downton Abbey rank near the top of my list of impossible dreams.